Hi world! Hi everyone!

I have decided to create my own blog. (YEEY!!). I am so excited about this brand new adventure for me. So, here I am, able to share my thoughts, experiences and knowledge with you.

Warmly welcome to tanckai’s. My name is Tanja, I am a 29 year old entrepreneur, lady and “girlboss” in happiness coaching. I am a foodie, dreamer, a believer and achiever.

I am a little bit of a crazy lady and absolutely love everythng about our inner world. I believe in the power of mind. I am passionate about marketing and psychology. Many people see no connection between those subjects, but I think they are deeply connected. I love depth. Depth of people, minds, souls, researches,… I am attracted by the hidden. I love mornings and I am obsessed with healthy breakfast. I actually love everything related to food. It might be just reading food books, blogs. I enjoy baking sweet pastries (with no sugar – it is a pretty challenging challenge😉 ). I am absolutely not an experienced and professional cook or baker, chef, nutritionist or anything of this sort…but I enjoy the process of learning every day, and of course making a lot of pretty mistakes along my way. I assure you this is a funny way to become a master in everything you are interested in. Try it, make mistakes in every area you want to improve, do not fear, just step ahead and you will be amazed by what you are capable to do and achieve. I am simply a lady who decided to change her old habits and live a healthier life. I love sharing my new journey with you lovelies out there. And you all motivate and inspire me to stay on the right path, on my new, healthier lifestyle. So a big THANK YOU, to you all out there reading this.

Another fact about my “crazy” self, as you might have already guessed, is that I absolutely adore motivate people to find their inner strength. I think this is my mission in life. Trying to bring the best out of everyone who come in contact with me. I would like to share my sparkles in the eyes, my passion, my knowledge, my discover to everyone out there.

TANCKAI’s is dedicated to motivational blog posts, easy tips how to make your dreams come true and reach your own potential. To discover true happiness in life. As healthy eating habits are crucial for a healthy body and mind, I would like tanckai’s including easy, funny, healthy and colourful food share of all kinds, as well. I will be posting easy to make recipes. You will be able to find recipes of all kinds here, from smoothies, salads, pizzas and of course my favourite: desserts (cakes, muffins, mug cakes etc.). All the recipes here are either my own or, if otherwise stated, adopted from others.

Luckily, I also love any kind of sports. In the past year I learnt a lot about healthy eating related with muscle building. I love reading anything related to bodybuilding and fitness. Any advice I might give here is always MY OWN OPINION and keep in mind that I am not a professional in this field.

I am passionate about Marketing, Travelling, Hiking, Fashion and Psychology, too. So I will be writing a little bit about those those topics too as I think they are somehow related. I kind of like photography, too, I really enjoy capturing the beauty of special moments, people, and objects in a photograph. To freeze an emotion.

I like to think TANCKAI’s as a place that offers inspiration and support for a healthier lifestyle, in terms of physical and mental health (healthy body and happy mind).

Thank you for reading! I hope you like my blog. Constructive criticism, suggestions are always welcome. THANK YOU!



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